Will PG13 Work in OKC?

By Tyler Fraser

During the offseason of the National Basketball Association, the Indiana Pacers decided to trade All-Star guard Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. George playing along side of Russell Westbrook should be a good experience.

Will Paul George going to the Thunder work out with MVP Russell Westbrook? Westbrook had trouble getting help from his players last season so George coming to thunder should make a difference for Westbrook and the team. When George was on the Pacers his stats for average seconds per touch was 2.93 which is good especially now him and Westbrook will be on the same team.

According to thunder fans George playing for the Thunder would be a great decision. Based on a tweet that the Thunder posted on twitter with George wearing the jersey it got over 32k likes and 476 comments, based on the 32k likes and the 476 comments it is assumed that they were comments. In a picture/video that was posted it showed the fans really supporting George coming to Thunder by holding signs and giving high fives, also the fan base for Thunder is starting to grow. 

During the regular season of 2016-17 George average 23.7 points per game. The amount of points that George score this season per game can help the Thunder win a couple more games this season due to the amount of games the lost last season.

T.F take- In my opinion the Thunder could use another all-star on there team. With George on the team the ball would move around the court better. Also, it gives Westbrook a better option for passing the ball and won’t have turnovers.

Photo Credit: Oklahoma City Thunder


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