How Statcast is Transcending Baseball Statistics

By: Reese Levin

Baseball and statistics have gone hand and hand for centuries but a new wave of stats are being used to dive into this new era of baseball. Statcast was introduced in 2014 with only three major league stadiums using it partially before the technology was installed in all 30 MLB stadiums just before the 2015 season.

The way these advanced stats are tracked is through a radar system that is usually placed just above the press box which is also then connected to high definition cameras nearby to track every player’s movement.

The ability of statcast is something that baseball fans are able to interact with much more than a box score and gives them many more stats to use when mentioning stats.

“Our hope is that this, for baseball, will be one of the largest advances in instant replay that we’ve seen in the last 50 years,” said Bob Bowman, Major League Baseball’s president of business and media.

The new stats that have been introduced because of statcast on the offensive side include exit velocity, launch angle from the bat, how far the pitcher has extended off the mound and many more stats. Defensively stats that have been created include route efficiency, first step and distance covered.

The use of these stats during games are helping make baseball much more interesting for newcomers trying to get interested in the game.

They are also helping shape the future of baseball which is becoming more analytical based which is helping teams gain an edge on one another.

“It’s already changing the game,” said MLB Network analyst Tom Verducci. “Major League teams are using this to evaluate players and even to evaluate Draft picks.”

Along with front offices using this data, fans will also be able to use the data to better their arguments. Instead of using just basic stats, fans are now able to use advanced metric stats and compare players. With nothing but improvement for this type of technology, MLB is on the right track to give fans and front offices more resources to use.






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